How JOLA Delivers Mobile and B2B Websites To Keep You In Front Of Your Customers

Jola B2B Mobile Website Design

At the end of the High Point Market this past April, Furniture Today released an article explaining that retail buyers were simply too busy to attend the market. The article – which used results from a telemarketing survey directed at buyers in the home furnishings industry – said that 38 percent of the buyers contacted marked “Too Busy” as their reason for not attending High Point in 2014.

But there is a solution for businesses that want to attend a market, but can’t risk a downward spiral in business. The answer is a responsive B2B website that not only provides accessibility on desktops, but on mobile devices as well.

Walter's Wicker - Mobile Site Designed by Jola

Furniture manufacturers completely overlook the power of mobile, despite that many buyers are on their smartphones daily. With a powerhouse mobile B2B website, businesses can direct their customers to products, comparison sheets, and customer service. A good UI and UX are key to retaining customers not just in-store, but anywhere in the world. Business owners who take advantage of a good mobile website need not worry about keeping their shop open. Their customers can order products and keep revenue high no matter where they are!

But are there facts to back this up? Certainly! Consider this:

  • Of businesses buyers who shop online, 58.5 percent said they have made a purchase of $5,000 or more online.

Of that group:

  • 8.7 percent said that they spend 90 percent or more of their annual budgets online
  • 31.9 percent said they spend 50 to 89 percent of their budgets online
  • 30.9 percent said they spend 11 to 49 percent of their budgets online

This means that seven out of ten B2B consumers are spending more than ten percent of their annual spending budgets online, either through their mobile or desktop website. But why should you choose mobile over desktop? The facts are clear:

  • When users visit a mobile-optimized site, about 3 out of 4 are more likely to return
  • When reminded about sales and products through mobile notifications, 67 percent are more likely to buy products and services
  • Mobile traffic is up between 10 and 20 percent on all B2B websites

Artissimo Holdings - Mobile Site Designed by Jola

To see a simplified navigation look, click the following links on your mobile phone.

These stats prove that not only does a website do a business good, but that mobile websites open up revenue-generating possibilities all around the world. The JOLA team strives to create accessible and beautiful mobile websites to benefit businesses in the home furnishings industry. If you’d like to attend a market and keep your business running at the same time, visit JOLA online to see their portfolio of websites for desktop and mobile.


JOLA To Create New Website For Jesco Lighting Group

Jesco Lighting Group Joins Jola Interactive

Since 1998, Jesco has been at the forefront of lighting innovations and applications. JOLA is excited to be partnering with them to design an innovative website that will showcase their innovations and make their brand shine.

Jesco’s new website will highlight the benefits of LED lighting, as well as their innovations in the industry. JOLA will implement innovative tools in order to create a best-of-breed site for Jesco. The website will also highlight Jesco’s products for indoor, outdoor, and flexible LED lighting.

Jesco was one of the first lighting companies to embrace LED technology. After over 15 years of development, the company is now the nation’s premier source for LED lighting fixtures. Jesco believes in LED lighting because it’s eco-friendly and does not emit radiation. LEDs also provide more color and more possibilities for both indoor and outdoor lighting.

For more information on Jesco’s products and innovations, visit And to see JOLA’s full web design portfolio, visit us at

Jola Rebrands and Adds Function to New Site For Alfresco Home

Alfresco Home - New Branded Logo

With spring in full swing, Jola has brought their rebranding talents and impressive design innovations to Alfresco Home and their website. The new website not only sports a new look, but its functionality has also been rebuilt from the ground up. This makes it easier for leaders in the outdoor and garden industries to browse everything Alfresco has to offer. Alfresco Home also received a complete branding makeover that not only encompassed digital, but all traditional marketing strategies.

Alfresco Home - Old Website Design

Alfresco Home – Old Website Design

Alfresco Home began in 2004 as a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of comprehensive outdoor living products. Owners Joseph and Kimberly Cilio understood the need for independent retailers to have one resource for all of their casual furniture and accents needs. Therefore, fashion and functionality became two key components of Alfresco’s products. Alfresco continues to deliver outdoor furniture and accessories that not only look good, but are user-friendly for every online customer.

Jola took fashion and function into account to create a best-of-breed B2B ecommerce site for Alfresco Home. Large pictures on the front page feature Alfresco’s full product line of quality outdoor furniture and decor. Main colors include slate grey with a touch of green, which symbolizes the balance between nature and man-made design. Links at the top of the page direct customers to view Alfresco’s products by category. Each product has a variety of different styles and finishes, which are incorporated onto the product’s page. There are over one million combinations available for customers to see on Alfresco’s new site.

Alfresco Home - New Website Design

Alfresco Home – New Website Design

The Magento-based site also allows customers to download new catalogs, photography, and custom price sheets at their convenience. They can also use the site to find nearby dealers and distributors of Alfresco’s products. This functionality will make the B2B experience simple when it comes to shopping Alfresco Home’s product line. We feel that the slick new branding and tagline – “Outdoor Living Made Easy” – speaks to not only the new website, but to Alfresco’s unique selling position as a whole. It has also been incorporated on all signage for the company, including decals, stickers and testimonial ads.

With this new website, Jola sees increased engagement with Alfresco, as well as heightened business based off their Internet traffic. It’s a cutting-edge site that makes a bold statement over all other sites in the outdoor and garden industries. To see it in action, visit To see more of Jola’s websites for the home furnishings industry, visit

Jola Provides Illuminating New Site For Illinois Based Lighting Company AFX Inc.

AFX Logo

We’re happy to present AFX Inc. with their brand new website! AFX Inc. provides energy-efficient fixtures for the contract market, as well as in the hospitality industry, in municipalities, and in lighting showrooms. The company focuses on sleek design in all of their products. The brand reached out to Jola to design their new website because of our intimate experience and understanding of AFX’s unique marketplace. The new website therefore reflects the sleekness of AFX’s product line in an eye-catching and user-friendly manner.

AFX Old Website

Original AFX Inc. Website

AFX Inc. started in 1938 as American Fluorescent, and quickly rose to become a leader in lighting technologies. In 2012, the company changed its name to AFX Inc., and adopted the tagline “Lighting Your Vision.” The “AF” in the new name maintains a connection to the company’s 75 year history, while the “X” acknowledges changes in the landscape of lighting technologies and solutions.

New and Innovative AFX Inc. Website

New and Innovative AFX Inc. Website

Jola incorporated AFX’s tradition and future into the new website’s design with Magento’s innovative platform solutions. Shades of silver symbolize the sleekness of AFX’s products, while blue accents give the website a futuristic touch. Big pictures on the front page display all of AFX’s featured products in stunning detail. The sidebar includes links to featured areas of AFX’s site, including the design board. The design board is an interactive app developed by Jola which gives customers the ability to design their own lighting collections. We are pleased to see AFX’s new website in action. The site is sure to boost AFX’s efforts to be the new look of energy efficiency. To see AFX’s site in action, visit And to see how Jola is helping the lighting industry grow online, visit