JOLA’s Four Methods For First-Place B2B Social Media Marketing


Did you know that 58 percent of B2B marketers report that social media has helped them improve sales? These marketers have utilized every facet of every social service possible to increase their revenue. However, there are marketers out there who aren’t seeing a sales increase from social media. It’s not that social media isn’t working; it’s that they’re not using it effectively.

If you’re not seeing your revenue skyrocket from social media use, JOLA has four methods that you should employ at once:

  • Educate Buyers With New Ideas. Mike Schultz, president of RAIN Group, surveyed over 700 B2B buyers about what convinced them to buy from a business. The number one response was that “sellers educated buyers with new ideas and perspectives.” Doing this is as easy as creating compelling content about your product or brand. By looking fresh and innovative all the time on your website, you’ll feel confident linking customers to your content through social media.
  • Connect Your Buyer’s Needs And Your Company’s Solutions. When it comes to selling a product, you will have an easier time convincing buyers by giving them every reason to buy. Create playbooks, charts, and graphs of statistics to show customers why your product is superior. Then find customers through custom Facebook and Twitter searches, and link them to your content. The more data you have to cater to your customer’s needs, the more power you’ll have to close the deal.
  • Show Buyers That They’ll Achieve Great Results. Again, by linking customers to powerful and original content through social media, you will land more deals and gain more contacts. To persuade buyers, link them to your testimonials page, case studies about your product, and presentations about the ROI of your product. These are pieces of original content that will make you look great both online and through social media.
  • Interact With Buyers. Sometimes the easiest way to land a deal is to start a conversation. Find your potential customers through social media and reply to their Tweet with a relevant question. By asking them this question, you’ve begun a rapport with them which could lead into a great sales opportunity. There’s nothing more to it!

The bottom line is that you will land more sales opportunities simply by creating fresh content all the time. By linking potential customers to this content through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you will have the ammo that you need to build up your revenue and build your business both online and offline. For more tips on digital branding and marketing, visit JOLA online.


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